Schedule and Such

8.14.17: Run walk swim jump fly. Fly through the sky pretty boy, pretty fat boy, don’t you enjoy these doughnuts, served at 20,000 feet? Our feet not yours, note them for their delicacy, their size, supple in hand, delicate in sight, hardy in turns. Turning this while into something worth. All this shit. Sublime, no?

8.15.17: Milk runneth over, where it’s mixed with whiskey, volitilations are wonting. Wontons. The best damn wontons. Lard still sitting on the surface. Not much more to say.

8.16.17: Wandering eyes. Wandering why we left this paradise in the first place, wandering around already trodden ground, is this what they mean by wilderness. At least the hamburgers are banging.

8.17.17: Heehee. Heheheheheeeeeheee. Hohohoho. HOHOHO. Doncha know. Round we go again, filling in books for our betters, everyone wondering at our signatures. see how they curve. See how they dive. See how they define. It’s a wonder work baby, we’re wondering why we’re working.

8.18.17: Separation is what we do in our sleep. Music is what we do while we keep. Monstrous monstrocities. This organized framework. Built by master craftsman, must have been. Just don’t ask them about their views on race relations. Terribly embarrassing.

8.19.17: Have we gone too far? Have we journied to places unintelligible? Hvae we prejudiced ourselves, to call white black, and black white, to deliver ourselves into a lie so deep, so comfortable, that we crave sleep? Maybe we have, maybe we havent’ at least we still have this amazing waffles! Waffleboy, always thinking on his stomach.

8.20.17: But you said the soul resided in the head.

8.21.17: Now this is Greed.



1.10.17: Work. Work work work. Work. Work Work Work. Krow. Eat it. Eat it. Eat it harder. Work Work Work Work. Work Work work. workworkworkworkwork. Work it. Work it now. Work it. Work it. Work it. Worked it.

1.11.17: Lazy river,

just keeps getting thinner. The car ate her

dinner, or maybe we all just forgot.


I need to be the winner. I need to be the winner. I need to be the winner. Someone give me a fucking trophy already. Size comfy

1.13.17 calm in the midst of chaos