State of the W: Hy, the Last Man

I’m jealous. I’m overzealous.


Time passes without so much as a ‘how you do,’ and people keep handing me their cameras, like we’re all living in this glass fishbowl and we all simultaneously realized why they keep trying to feed us marbles- they not trying to feed us at all.

Why talk like this, in phrases that don’t have any inherent meaning;

WDD, above and beyond anything else, is a mirror. What do you see when you look in a mirror? Yourself. I talk in riddles and nonsense because if I  create a vacuum of such proportions as to suck all of the meaning right off the morrow, if I can craft a sentence, a picture, a paradise like that, full of structure and syntax but lacking in substance, if I can do that, then I can create a place where you and I can live and work together, with no need for harm, or malice, or anything other than the absolute best. I give you Shape. You give me Purpose. Doesn’t that sound like the best deal you’ve ever heard?

Practically Speaking, this is what I’m up to:

  • Finding publisher for the first part of PS6: Double Pick (looks phucking special!!!!!)
  • Finalizing protest spots
  • Fleshing out the larger world

What’s the point of all this? Such silly questions. No wonder I ignore you when you ask them.


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