Spoiler: NSFG

Ohhhhhhhhhh but the mushyness of it all!

The goosyness!


Everywhere! there are things gasping and grasping, clasping and rasping, spilling their insides into the outside, back in and out again, a viral mucus merry-go-round that takes so long to complete one circuit that you can’t be disgusted so much as incredulous, staring mutely with your mouth open bottom jaw slowly going up and down, up and down, this stupid ride would be fun if it wasn’t for the horrible music. Another arena of infection. Superbugs, SuperSymptoms, being SuperSpread by SuperStars, musical herpes pumping out open arteries in public spaces. And you people complain about the blood you see on TV? OF course you do, because everything you see infects you, through light rays, icky particles, things COMPLETELY NOT TOUCHING each other, things SO ISOLATED they can only wave, and spin, and bounce around based on the bassest of mechanics, SO BASE IT’S MUD AGAIN, EW GROSS, STICKY, MUD,


STICKING to everything! EWWEGOOEY liquids running into your eyes, your finger eyes, the same genetic structure, different packages on the same container, you wipe it off but how can you get it out from inside you?!? It’s sticky and it’s seeping and it’s already into everything….


Fire. Fire everywhere. burn it to a crisp. Burn it to ashes. Burn everything down until nothing sticks to anything else, ever again. Burn burn burn and then burn some more, leave the universe in scattered pieces, impossible to reassemble, impossible to contain, impossible to revoke. Your license has been revoked. People at the DMV, packed in like sardines, all going up and down, sharing nose goos and eye goos and farts and fart jokes and laughing and snorting and rubbing their noses in the mud, running their noses in it, just getting really INTO it now, but it’s 2017, not 2019. Right? Did we lose time again? No, we just lost ourselves in the







You are waiting for a train. Where this train will take you, you cannot say (you’re not very smart), but you have a hope. A vainglorious hope, that you will arrive at a place where things aren’t so gros-EW!! DID THAT GUY JUST SPIT IN MY MOUTH?!?


Trains and merry-go-rounds can pucking suckone.































































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