Doing Bad Things To You

If The POint of Christ was a propitiatory sacrifice, the price for man’s inequity, then how poor a price it was! For what did it change? Exactly, our standing before God? How to change such immutable features!? Impossible. Time is a lens of our perception, a curve generated to fit  our physical expressions, expressions such as sadness, or happyness, or any milliones of Nessies, invisible sea serpents abounding and rolling beneath the surface, maybe in an elaborate cave system.

There is nothing in the sacrifice of Christ that points towards this interpretation, except for some askance references in the text to the ‘atonement’ and ‘sacrifical lamb.’ Yes yes alright yes the meaning is there, IF YOU WANT IT TO BE, but think about the repercussions my poppets, pop popping the tops off the shows stopped all eyes on center dance floor one, where a singular man stands with hands nailed to his chest. Is he bleeding? Is he dying??

No. There is no death here, no death anywhere, how could there be, in this upper perspective I’m asking you to adopt, to cop to the confession, that death was just an impression, like how you are impressed by blinking, a sudden blackness enveloping you, we wouldn’t blame you for thinking that the WORLD IS ENDING, but it’s not, it’s just a thought, a bit of melodrama to tide you over until the REAL END IS COMING, the whole system’s thrumming with it, the birthing fits, for a time and place must come in all times and places to God, THE God, and you thought He was just a nursery rhyme? Tricks are for the children and aren’t we so, so, tricky.

The trick is loving God, loving God with all his perfections all His imperfections all the blemishes and scars and, frankly, shit, there’s so much shit! but you chug through, you little dung beetle you, you eat that shit, and you roll it into balls, and you send them bouncing across the shitscape, and you delight in them. You love them. So God loves you. You see? There’s no need for a tree here. Is there? Have we lost the need for Christ, at that moment we professed to Love him most? How can that be.


Unless we’re in hell.




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