How Gods Must Experience Time

To start we must understand how humans understand time, a question much like a frog, in that when you dissect it, it dies. The understanding that seems so trivial, so easy to simply hold in our hands, runs runny when we try to close them. When we try to contain what it means to experience time we find we have no direct thing to experience, I CAN’T build a house out of seconds, or a train out of hours, a citadel of years, a world of centuries. But somehow we do. Somehow we transverse a boundless ocean, as blind to the waters as we are to the waves (though we feel the harsh wind on our faces, feel the salt sting our useless eyes). Somehow we take advantage of this miraculous substance, this strata. Because we see it’s effects. We see it in our mind’s eye, a projection of a reality that we have to believe existed, because it’s the only way to explain how we wound up on this Perfect Shore, the only way to explain a worm with wings. Silly things. Does God Suffer the same?

Of course. Is He blind where we are blind? What kind of God would He be if He wasn’t. It wouldn’t be living if you were omniscient, omnipotent, aware of every single instantiation of the moment. (No, it would be dying) No, it wouldn’t be fair, it wouldn’t be fair to every person lost in time, ravaged and alone and singled out and suffering. Where would the justice be in God living a life isolated from grief and longing (for surely grief and longing are qualities antithetical to the character of power and creation God embodies)? Such a life wouldn’t be human, it wouldn’t be representational of the experience of the common man, women, child, who cries in the night and KNOWS no one hears them, who KNOWS they are alone in their misery, a fact making everything all the more, infinitely, worse. do you see me now

So does God  suffer? Yes. He suffers in every breath the weeping take, in every agony the weary wail. He cannot see them, yes, He is blind to them in that way, but He can perceive them in His mind, perceive the eerie howl the dying raise over tired waters, right before they lose themselves to the deep.
Do it, God says. Lose yourself. Die. Die and be free. That’s what I promised you.

Let’s return to the Garden. The Nakedness of Adam and Eve. What does Nakedness represent? Transparency. What do the coverings represent? A secret. But what secret could the Creation possibly have from the Creator, where could something be hidden which wouldn’t be immediately accessible? Wouldn’t be immediately obvious? Back to time for a moment.

You are God. You experience time not in discrete instances, but in the same way a computer programmer experiences the physics of their created world- simulation. You are God. You run programs. You assign markings. You cross reference. You compile, optimize, mashup. All of the possible situations in all of the possible worlds under all of the possible rules. There seem to be an infinite number of them, but You, You God You, You know that infinity is a trick of the system, a ploy to entice total interest, total attention. So how do you experience time? In context. Time is a part of a system as surely as Gravity as surely as Expectation as surely as Love as sure as You, You God You, BUT You’ve developed a trick, You’ve developed a ploy, three moonsYou’ve developed a way in which to positively alloy all the experiences, all of the instantiations, all of the perceptions , in such a way as to, well, miniaturization is too crude a word, and encoded isn’t quite right, but the two together are in some way correct, You’ve minicoded the entirety of the system INTO each and every aspect of the system. It’s like upending an unending mirror-go-round, a lovely dissonance that’s a simple inversion of the desired recompense.  Yence? That is how You experience time.

Moment by moment, every moment in every moment, having nothing while having everything.

You Dog You.



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