: It’s not wise for you to be so- observant? : -…recalcitrant. We want the same things, I think. oh you’re very much right. : So you’ll help us. in every way I can. : Well then perhaps we start with the transmission nodes for your order. We’d know their location. I don’t know where […]

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Weapon Of Choice

What other basis for social interactions could there be, but that afforded us by ‘Free Will’: Mankind is capable of choice! Each according to their actions! There are no exceptions! Accept this, breathe this in, kneel before this, altar, incense burning, this smoky sin. Still. Welcome to the House of Worship, The Seat of ‘Free […]

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If there are to be an infinite number of Heavens, there there must need be an infinite number of Hells, to serve as counterbalance, to serve as shadows, to serve. These realms, these many mansions of miseries that our Father has built for us, these tragedies in flesh, they complete the picture in the same […]

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Spoiler: NSFG

Ohhhhhhhhhh but the mushyness of it all! The goosyness! The DIRT! THE ENDLESS DIRT!!! Everywhere! there are things gasping and grasping, clasping and rasping, spilling their insides into the outside, back in and out again, a viral mucus merry-go-round that takes so long to complete one circuit that you can’t be disgusted so much as […]

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Doing Bad Things To You

If The POint of Christ was a propitiatory sacrifice, the price for man’s inequity, then how poor a price it was! For what did it change? Exactly, our standing before God? How to change such immutable features!? Impossible. Time is a lens of our perception, a curve generated to fit ¬†our physical expressions, expressions such […]

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Brush the Heat

Step One Step   Step One Step   Step One Step Step Far in between, the neutered guards, the castrated emperor, the council of five, torches shudder. Here is the prisoner now! Here is the convict! The corrupt! The diseased! Kill him! Kill him! The halls are empty of these cries. The only sound is […]

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How Gods Must Experience Time

To start we must understand how humans understand time, a question much like a frog, in that when you dissect it, it dies. The understanding that seems so trivial, so easy to simply hold in our hands, runs runny when we try to close them. When we try to contain what it means to experience […]

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