Children’s Hour (A PS 2 Story)


  • Dr. Marlin Grin
  • Subject aob/Ward Geng Haio


Ward Geng: *bang bang bang bang*

  • Hitting his hands against the table

Dr. Grin: *opens door, scoots his seat out*

Ward Geng: *banging stops immediately*

Dr. Grin: “Y, hello Ward Geng Haio. How are U doing today?

Ward Geng: “Very well, sir. Can I go home please?”

Dr. Grin: “Now Let’s Not Start That Again. Alright.”

Ward Geng: “Yes sir.”

Dr. Grin: “Very good. Now, do your recitation please.

Ward Geng: “Yes sir. A – B – C – D – E – F – G – H – I – J – K – L – M – N – NO –  O – P. Q – R – S – T – U – V. W – X – Y and Z.”

Dr. Grin: “Very, very good Ward. Now tell me something about yourself. Whatever comes to mind, like we’re having a Regular Conversation.”

Ward Geng: “Oh, Kay. Well I’m afraid of bubbles.”

Dr. Grin: “Really? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone that was afraid of bubbles! Y, might I ask, are you Afraid Of Bubbles?”

Ward Geng: “Well it started when I was really young.”

Dr. Grin: “Y R you Afraid of Bubbles?”

Ward Geng: “Yes, really very young. And I have this terrible fear of bubbles.”

Dr. Grin: “Y R U Afraid Of Bubbles?”

Ward Geng: “No, it’s because of how they pop, in slow motion like they’re disappearing forever, until they’re all gone and you can never even tell they were there. I remember the carpet pulled out from me, I remember the pop of bubbles, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, and now they’re all gone. No, there’s one left. It’s gigantic. I see it in front of me. It’s all I can see now.”

Dr. Grin: “Ward Geng Haio. I Want You To Listen To Me. I Want You To Do What I Say. Ward Geng Haio: I Want You To Pop That Bubble. Do You Understand Me?”

Ward Geng: “….”

                       “I don’t think I can….”

Dr. Grin: “Do You Understand Me?”

Ward Geng: “No. No no no, I don’t want to. There’s something in it, something inside-”

Dr. Grin: “Ward Geng Haio: Do You Understand Me?”

Ward Geng: “…”

Ward Geng: “I popped it.”

  • Small and quivering

Dr. Grin: “How do you feel, Ward Haio?”

Dr. Grin: “Ward Geng Haio. How do you feel?”

Dr. Grin: *snap snap*

Dr. Grin: *snap*

Dr. Grin: “Let the record show that subject Geng Haio was made physically and morally inert, at 03:00 hours, December 25th, 2067. The Second Compact recognizes the sacrifice he is making, though it may not do so publically. May God grant us all such absolution.”


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