Two men sitting on a bench. Both in work clothes.

M: Forever.

W: What?

M: How long this goes on. Forever, I’d bet.

W: What?

M: All of this. I bet it goes on.

W: All of it?

M: In Some Way. Things Are Encoded.

W: Like an experience.

M: What?

W: All of the information is there at the outset. But then you suddenly reaslize years later that wait, that wasn’t what it meant at all, but you needed other data that wasn’t included for you at the time of the original. So what you thought was a complete picture was actually a slant.

M: Yes. So things stretch forever.

W: Ah. I see.

M: Is the boy dead.

W: No.

M: Am I?

W: Do you want to be?

M: I want to know how things end.

W: There are a million ways to take that.

M: That’s my problem, I only see three.

W: Well that we can do something about.


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