COME TO CHURCH : ADD. To A Conversation No One Was Ever Supposed To Hear

C: The problem emerges here, right as his typical neurop cycles suddenly – Reverse! There! You see? It’s, it’s

K: Not supposed to be possible. How are we even able to detect it?

C: We have a reflection spinning to capture lose strings for later tuning. This edifice –

here – showed up at the same time, complete in sept space. We traced the trajectories back and were able to find this t as the origin. Viola, empty space turns into complete picture, only behind where we typically ‘view’ it.

K: Ok. So what do we do.

C: Assume no agency.

K: Is there any viability to the original goal? Can we anticipate the switch? Funnel it into something on the other side?

C: We’ve tried numerous approaches, including those you mention.

K: How long have you been sitting on these-

C: Suspicions. They were only unsubstantiated suspicions, until this morning.

K: Fuck.

C: We had to authenticate, we HAD to-

K: You don’t have to justify it, I understand. Time runs through.

C: Assume no agency.

K: And if that’s our very problem?

C: Then we have to stick to the overall plan. If this branch withers, we have others. Don’t tie everything to the fate of this one child.

K: I will do whatever I deem is required.

C: I had a bet you’d say that.

K: What were the stakes?

C: My soul.

K: Amen.


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