WHITE AND BLACK: Is it ok to curse your neighbor?

We look at the world and we form perceptions based on what we see, black and white, all the colors of the rainbow, depth and width and all things high, and we can’t help but revel in it, all of the wonderful glory of it, and then someone goes and stomps on our toe!

Ouch! We shout! That hurt! But all we get is a harsh shrug in return, a quick pivot away, a hurried retreat back to where they came. Well fine then you think –

Up yours!

But you don’t shout it, you just think it, restraining yourself, so that only GOD can hear you, and hear you he does, for he loves things that are kept in secret, and he secretly saw the offending encounter, and he very much agrees with your assessment – that fellow was an ass! So GOD nudges up a breeze, blows a skittering rock across the strangers path, they somehow lose their footing, and down they go! Straight to the ground, right on their keyster! Now. Was this right? Is tit for tat revenge really the way to make the world go round? Yes and no. Would the rock have skittered under the path of the stranger, if you hadn’t prayed to GOD it would? Yes. There are no counter factuals, there are no other possible worlds, there is no way things could happen except for the way they do happen. Would the MEANING have been the same? Clearly no, if you hadn’t paid attention to the situation in just such specific a manner, the MEANING of the situation would have been vastly different, a random ascription of happenstance events, a whirling nothingness claiming not one victim, but two, whole universes of subjects bending the knee to the vacuum.

So is it good to curse your neighbor. Without question.


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