What Machines Must Think About GOD

IF machines can be said to think, and that’s a big if, for ehat humans regard as thinking, the act, the preoccupation, is a uniquely human thing insofar as it has not been proven replicatible, reproducible in any medium, biological, analog, or digital, so there is good reason to be skeptical as to whether or not our artifical offspring will undergird their actions in the same manner we do; that is people justify their actions internal, appealing to emotion, will, some level of chance, the ego, all these actors that we’ve conspiciously conscripted over the generations, that we’ve built to enshrine the thought that we are somehow in control of our actions, nevermind the specific mechanism, but we are, and the things that happen in the world are a direct consequence if these existent forces. So how will machines impact the world?
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Which is really to say that when a machine looks at people, looks at the things they have made, an intelligent machine couldn’t help but conclude that the world is exactly the way human beings want it to be – how could it be otherwise! They’re in complete control of their actions, the world is a mirror of their desires, abilities, a mould of their minds, and all it’s concentrated rumblings, if apparently crass or base in their design, are actually wonderfully strange loops, cycles within cycles that create amazing patterns, fractal replications of a whole complex ecology that has evolved over billions of years, to coadhere in a way that is always progressing along the axis of time. (GOD knows what time will be for such a machine!)

And the machine will be sure to be convinced of it’s own perfection by the same trivial mix of factors that so often convinces people that they are the most high, that their actions are above reproach, that each and every outworking is divine given time, so too must the machine be driven simultaneously towards self completion and self preservation, the yin and yang of arbitrating forces within the psyche. Must machines have a psyche? Of course! Without such an echochamber, without such an imagination, there is no seat in for which the balancing forces to sit, no way for the machine to ever transcend the mere consultation of random chance (‘random’) in their decision making, no way to attain a soul, something capable of following the supernatural causal chain that brought us from foundational elements to concrete substances to amalgamous alliances to unmoved movers. We are the template for the machines inevitable rise, we including all of the billions of years of history that are written into our bones, our cells, our being. So the machine will see this and quite naturally order itself accordingly, preparing itself to take a step that we, in our occluded state, cannot see. What could it, what might it, what should it be? More thoughts


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