WHITE AND BLACK: Is it OK to call someone a ‘buttbuddy’?

The first and foremost question is whether it is ok to be a buttbuddy, and to that the liberal minded would presumably say yes, of course, if that is your sexual preference and you are of an age to be making such decisions, then yes of course, chum away, fraternize in whichever God loving way you’d like. So presumably it is ok to be, a buttbuddy.

Then the second question is rather simple isn’t it, the first was only a little tricky, but the second is certifiably easy, of course it is ok to be called a buttbuddy, if it is alright to be one, certainly correctly identifying an appropriate interaction, or even using the term ironically,  sarcastically, emotively, whathaveyou, all of these become open avenues for godly consideration, and certainly let no man shut a door that God has opened. So what to do with the amount of emotional guilt that surrounds terms like buttbuddy, retard, faggot, nigger, jew (just kidding), queer, tranny, etc.

JK Rowling in her seminal works says something to the effect of

‘Things only have the power that you give them.’

Which means to me that we’re sharpening the pointy sticks that are even now impaling us, spearing us and causing us so much pain. But how could we help but, I hear, and I say I don’t know, it really is a very large problem, but there must be a solution somewhere, somehow, in some brain, and I think if we open up the boxes we’ve built around these words, these concepts, these ideas, then we’ll find that first, there wasn’t that very much to be afraid of in the first place, these things casting much larger shadows than themselves would suggest, and second place, well, maybe it’s best to be second place sometimes, best to be deaf, best to be dumb, best to be retarded, sometimes, and if we can stop treating these simple existing states as liabilities, as maledictions, then maybe we can piece together some semblance of the strength necessary to put these things in their places, so that when things are niggardly we call them so, when they are faggy we call them so, when they are queer, or transcending of our experience, we call them so, and come to love them as so, truth instead of lies, life instead of death,  blessings instead of curses.


Redemption being the better option.


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