bara bara bara

Early one Tuesday morning in a working class town near Mexico City, a group of men and women gather in front of a modest apartment complex, full of anticipation. Hours later, close to noon, the one they have been patiently waiting for arrives: Maria Ruiz Pena, a tall woman with flowing brown hair and an […]

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Among the white nationalists on 4chan’s “politically incorrect,” or /pol/ board and on “alt-right” Twitter — or anywhere you might run into a picture of Pepe the Frog — there is a cryptic but popular saying: “Praise Kek.” Kek is how World of Warcraft translates “lol” when it’s revealed to members of opposing alliances, but […]

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scathing remarks markedly little difference a tithe is a preference when you forget to pay the pension a tension, a typical mentioning of phonetics, like hooks, hankering hunger hardly hardens, hijacks, hi jack, casually mentioned siphoned, the life in, a tight sin, the tight win   still a win tho

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A breeze

a breeze a night breeze a cold hiss whispering the sand through the marram grass through the hourglass the sigh of entropy can you hear it? the gnawing of the nothing worms Come closer to the fire. Help yourself to some stone soup while it’s hot; I have plenty. Get cozy now. I’m going to […]

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