The ‘PS’ Puzzle Solve Prize Pool now sits at $600 (will be raised to $700 before the end of the year); if unsolved by December 31st, the first word in the puzzle will be revealed on January 1st 2017, and all of the accumulated prize money will go to a charity of the communities choice (more on that making that choice here).

Other updates? Publication possibilities for PS 6 continue to be researched, currently evaluating splitting the comic up into two parts, sending pitches to mainstream publishers, going self-published, etc. Lots of possibilities.

As an addendum to the WDD comic experience, WHITE & BLACK is a board game featuring all of the characters, tough choices, and twists inherent in the WDD story. The game is for between 2 and 8 players, and is currently in late stage alpha development. If you are interested in helping us beta test the product, we’d be happy to send you a free board, please contact

Fort Love is another additional WDD experience currently under development, a RPG/ARG that blends elements of roleplaying and geographically focused scavenger hunting. Fort Love is in early Alpha development, but playtests should begin around the start of 2017. For more information/to volunteer for testing, please contact

HUMANS VS ALIENS VS ROBOTS is a sticker game inspired by the WDD world, a rock-paper-scissors experience that is meant to introduce the basic characters and conflicts to audiences age 6 and up. Designer needed. Further integration into Fort Love and WHITE & BLACK needed.

Project 96 continues as planned. Draining.


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