It’s a hard, often thankless job, shouldering the narrative burden of WDD, which is why for our first year, we chose a pair of Narrators: Maeve O and Dr. Harriet Church, the Dentist and the Doctor, two personalities as big as the stories they portrayed. Both of their excellent array of contributions will continue to be visible at WDD.CHURCH (it’s a website). Now, since 2016 is practically over, it’s time to look ahead, and decide who will be the WDD Narrator for 2017.

This is a heavy choice, and should not be treated as cavalierly as one might treat a local election, a national election, a presidential election. This process must be treated with the utmost seriousness, which is why we’ve asked each potential candidate (of which there are three) to write a short piece to summarize the WDD storyline, giving a Sneak Peak into their Personal Styles. We present these candidates, and their descriptions, below:


The world as we know it is made up of strings, tiny things connecting every person, place, creature and beast. Pull the right string, a tree withers. Pull the right string, a nation crumbles. The problem with robots is they’re so God damned good at finding those fucking strings.

I can’t tell you my story, I can’t share with you the pain I’ve endured, the tribulations, the apocalyptic rain of fire that I’ve seen, pouring from the sky, weeping from the clouds. I have seen death, I have felt it’s hand upon my neck, it’s breath upon my neck. Death does not concern me. No, I fear life, life springing from silicon and surging through systems not designed to close, only to open. Once we created a machine capable of seeing the strings… that was when we entered Hell. That is where you find yourself.

The question, then, is not how to defeat our infinite opponent, but merely how to stall for time, how to drain every single drop of precious human life that we can, how to suck the marrow of crushed bones, how to survive the inferno. There are few options. Fewer still that aren’t total torture. But the few must shoulder the burden of the many, MUST, if we wish to continue this human experiment, preserve any chance of somehow overcoming our opponent through pure, impossible luck, through some fatal weakness…Your eyes tell me I’ve said much and said nothing, but what do you want? Do you want Bold, Direct truths? No, of course you don’t.

You want someone to take your burden, to shield you when the Fires come, to decide what it is you should and shouldn’t know. Because you know, that what you don’t know is what’s going to get you in the end. I can make that choice. I have already made it for whole nations, for entire peoples. And if you trust nothing else, you can trust that I will always protect you. I will never fail you. Even though I bend, I will never break. Even though I burn, I will never fray. Let me lead you through the trials ahead, and I promise, I promise you, when we make it to the other side, all will be clear, and the sky will be bright again, and there shall be no tears, no cries, no night. We will be in the sun, and it will all have been worth it. Trust me. Trust me.

There are clouds here that look like cantaloupes, and there are cantaloupes that taste like clouds, so I suppose you could say I am happy, I am content. I miss Vie, and Hiro, and everyone, and everything, but it’s fine. I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. Please. It hurts to see you worry, I feel tears welling as I even think about it. Please.

What is WDD? I don’t know. I know someone who does, but I can’t talk to him. Or her. Things get, muddled…here and I lose what I’m trying to say. But I can help you. There are things I do know. Choose me and I’ll tell you, and somehow, this will all turn out alright. Choose me and choose Something Precious. I love you Vie. Look for me, when all around you is dark.

Steve Bosh: God Made Me Do It

WDD is a story, a story about Aliens fighting Robots fighting Humans fighting Aliens fighting Robots fighting…it’s an endless cycle really, and you can jump in at any point you’d like. Do you want to hear how Robots stole my eyes, and used them to make two crystal orbs that told them the future? Do you want to about the Poor President, the man who near single handedly ushered in the Alien Invasion in the form we know today? Or do you want to hear about how a group of unchecked conglomerations raped again the continent of Africa, paving the way for the deadly and still poorly understood ‘BABA’ virus? All of these things we could talk about…if you would do something for me… It’s not a choice, but a bargain I offer, a tit-for-tat that is remarkable only in it’s fairness… the only problem is, you see, I can’t tell you what it is I require in return for your, umm, ‘freedom of choice’. It’s not something small, it’s not something large, and it’s certainly not nothing, but, well. That’s about all I can say about it. Threads in weaves in schemes in dreams, ask an old man and he’ll slap you on the knees. Aren’t riddles grand? HEre’s another, what do you get when you cross a spider with a goat? A tree! HAHAHAHAHAHAhahahaha. Hm. Now. Are you ready to choose?

Are You?


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