State of the W 5: Things Fall

Summer is ending, Fall is warming up, Winter feels years away, and the PS Prize Pool now sits at $500. Happy October everyone.

Comic front: PS 6: Double Pickup Stiks is currently being edited, and should be ready for publication before the end of the year. Whether that publication with be with an established publishing house, or supported through some kind of crowdfunding, has yet to be seen. Personally I hope for crowdfunding, but that requires an audience base much larger than what WDD currently enjoys. What to do?

Branch out. We at WDD are currently expanding the established Universe along two fronts: a new board game (titled ‘White & Black’), and a related Geographically based Augmented Reality Game, affectionately titled ‘Fort Love.’

In true WDD fashion, players of either experience will be able to accumulate points for a larger metagame, a project currently called ‘Progression Stiks.’

Progression Stiks will allow players to track their progress between the associated WDD games, games such as White & Black, Fort Love, all of the [Morphemes], etc. etc. At first the Progression Stiks will be fully digital, a portal that players can access to track their overall progress within the WDD world. With time and luck, these stiks will eventually be physical items, items which grant benefits at  associated businesses/organizations.  More on these later.

WDD has spent most of 2016 ramping up, and here at the end of the year we are beginning to find ourselves ready for larger public playtesting; if you or anyone in the greater Loveland area is interested in testing out the first Geographically based ARG, please contact

For more information about all  ongoing projects, please see:

The WDD Subreddit

The PS Subreddit

The Fort Love Subreddit

The WDD Church Archive




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