SoW 4

The PS Prize pool now sits at $400.

The script for PS 6: Double pickup Stiks is almost finished, only the formatting and editing left. The search for an artist for the project continues, mostly contingent on what form the funding source takes. Two more big developments on that front.

One is the WDD Augmented Reality Game (ARG), which will be a scavenger hunt style adventure, designed for 5-10 players, spanning a large variety of mediums and lasting for a number of days. While each iteration of the game will be different, more can be read about the adventures in the (work in progress) World Design Document, found here.

The other major step is the creation of the WDD Board Game, a project codenamed WHITE AND BLACK.

WHITE AND BLACK will be a single product containing two distinct games, games which will interrelate to one another and the larger WDD story. Once finished, the board game will be an integral piece of the ARG, fleshing out pieces of the backstory players wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

While these projects will likely come to late to showcase at this year’s major Conventions, I am evaluating other places to do soft launch events.




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