PS: 6 : Sneak Peak

PAGE ONE (FIVE PANELS)   Panel 1.1: Close up on a seven year old Hiro’s hazel brown eyes as he huddles against the back passenger side door of his Dad’s antique car: a Chevy Impala from the late 2020’s, one of the last non-autonomous vehicles mass produced in North America, the car is parked in […]

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Your Better Half

Interviewer: Tell me about your first time. A: Am I allowed to talk about drugs? I: Yes. A: It was better than drugs. It was better than everything. It was full, and total, and just so right. Everything about it, perfect. Can I talk about the weepies? I: Yes. A: The first time they plug […]

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Post 103 wasn’t what I thought it would be, post 1 wasn’t what I thought it would be, but 103 seems like a better time for reflection.  

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The SoW, 3

The prize pool is now at $300. Good Luck. PS 6: Double up Stiks is entering Phase Second: Now searching for the inker, colorer, letterer.  Making progress on [M][or][ph][emes], 2/4 outlined, 2/4 detailed. We keep on shuffling.                                      […]

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