The Mother of All

:I am recording these splits that, in the increasingly likely event of my…death, a record might remain of the true nature of my research. My findings were not without cost, and I would take a moment to remember all of the children, all of the little ones, that were so callously spent in the pursuit of understanding our enemy. In war, all is permissible. May I not live to know peace.

When Compact Primary Trevail first approached me with his plans for the Academy, for the Temple, with his plan to win the Demon War, I was…dubious. Although the man himself easily lived up to his reputation, surpassed it in terms of eloquence and charisma, I initially turned him down, initially didn’t even let him finish explaining. It wasn’t that I was repulsed by his ideas; on the contrary, I was very much drawn to them. Trevail had managed to condense and synthesize most of the thoughts that I myself had been having, ever since learning of the Nelsons, ever since learning of the Oracle. That the Demons were out to destroy us was obvious, that we would be forced to defend ourselves, a foregone conclusion. But at this price? No, it wasn’t that I was adverse to using the lives of the few to buy the lives of the many. It was that I didn’t think the Second Senate would ever agree to the idea. In this, as in so many things, I was wrong, and Trevail was right.

But I don’t wish to speak of the Academy, or of Trevail, or even of Morpheus. What I wish to speak of, what I must speak of…is a boy.

I was a child when this boy first made himself known to me. I was a child when I first learned that I would die. I didn’t learn of mortality from the death of a sim, or a family member. I learned of death from this boy, when he told me how, and when, I would pass from this life….

I can hear your silence. I can hear your incredulity. You believe, me mad, or worse, stupid, but what I tell you is the truth. When I was a child, a child from another time appeared to me, and he told me of my death, the events surrounding and leading up to it. He told me of more than just my death. He told me how the world would die.

I can hear your silence, but can you hear this (CUE SOUNDEFFECT). You know that sound, you know what it means, and you know that in a world suffused with Demons, with aliens from the center of the stars, you know that anything is possible. We are at war with the impossible, there is nothing we can dismiss.

I am not going to tell you how I am going to die, I am not going to tell you how any of this ends. The boy will not allow it. What I can tell you, what I must tell you, is that there is an element of choice, an element of chance left in all of this. You’re going to learn things about me that you don’t like, things that will make you question what I say, and that is how it must be. I make no apologies for the things I have done, for the choices I have made; how could I do otherwise? Listen to me, that I might give you the gift I never had: the gift of choice.

There will be a time in your life, a time, when all seems lost, a time when all have turned their backs on you, have decried you, have set the sun in your life to shame, a time when no one believes you, no one trusts you. This time will stretch, and stretch, and stretch, until you feel you are to be torn apart, shredded by the malice of indifference and scorn. During this time, you will be on the edge of complete destruction, and every attempt you make to dig yourself out will only further erode the foundations that you’ve taken for granted your whole life.

You will taste utter loneliness, you will taste loneliness that is deeper than true, more real than anything else you’ve experienced. During this time, you will want to end it all, ending it all will seem your only choice…I am here to today, across the chasm of time, I am here today to reach out to you, to tell you: Please, Please don’t do it.

So much depends on you, so much relies on you being here…please. I have no words to convince you, I wasn’t given them, but I must believe, I have to believe, somehow that these words are reaching you, because so, so, SO much depends on you being here. So much depends on you.

And you’ll do it! You’ll overcome! You’ll succeed! I just KNOW you will! I believe in you, with all my heart and soul, but there is someone who believes in you, even more! We love you! We need you! Stay with us Hiro! Fight them until the end! Know that we are with you!


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