State of the W

How many times have I written this post. (It has been hard to strike the right balance of serious statement and gamey obfuscation. There’s a lot I want to convey clearly, but it’s important to have fun with the presentation style, or why am I doing this in the first place. This is an endeavor in entertainment, and I’ll admit to guessing as to how much to give away, how much to hold back. Fingers crossed, knock on wood, I’m just hoping this stuff is not bad.) 

The WDD comic is an attempt to create a meme, a packet of information that is contextually tied to the internet’s rapid transmission capabilities. (‘WDD’ is the name of the writing project I’ve been working on. The core of that project is based on the idea that we are in the middle of an information renaissance, where women and men can not only near-instantly communicate their thoughts to a global audience, but can also gain access to the thoughts and resources of every other individual in that net as well. So far, I don’t believe this capability has been truly taken advantage of, even when we start talking about the big players like Amazon and Google. [We see the tech giants speaking to us (via mass data collection & personalized advertisements), but where do we see the tech giants directly interacting  with their consumers? Because these companies exist to make their shareholders money, and to attract more shareholders, these organisations will not only ignore their customers, they sometimes actively work against their customers interests. See Google+,, Netflix’s flirtation with Qwikster, Reddit’s CEO ‘problems’, almost the entirety of the broad communications industry, …])

What does WDD mean? 

For now, WDD is a broad, baseless question. not enough context exists to make sense of the right answer. which is why i wrote the PS series, to offer up the idea of this new kind of game. (So basically I’m pitching a scavenger hunt. I present a (hopefully) compelling story, with the added bonus of interactive riddles, storyboard puzzles, cash prizes, and the incalculable benefit of engaging in an immersive and supportive community. But for now it’s just a single, $100 prize. Wait what, there’s cash money involved now? Oh shit, what is the game? Well…)

This game is a game of questions. since the ultimate question will be  ‘what does WDD stand for’, this introductory question will be, ‘what does PS stand for?’ (So the story I’m writing focuses on a three year arc, which begins in the year 2074, and ends in 2076. That is the ‘WDD’ climax era, so to speak, and what WDD stands for will become apparent [and will eventually be revealed] through that series. However, that is a +500 page commitment, and right now I have neither the audience nor the ability to finance it. In an attempt to woo that audience, I’m starting with a prologue. Specifically, an ~35 page run that details some of  humanity’s clashes with their alien foe. Yes this is an alien invasion story, no, there is no probing involved. Just kidding there’s tons of it. But we were talking about how to win some $$$??) 

Clues and more clues have already been given for the PS question, but who cares about clues when there are prizes to talk about:

the prize for correctly guessing what WDD stands for is monumental. the prize for guessing the meaning of PS is strictly monetary. (Money for the prize now, hopefully something better than money for the prize later.) 

On June 14th, 2016, I will create a password protected post titled ‘PS‘. The first person to correctly guess the PS based password, and post it in the comment section of the thread, that person will receive AT LEAST* $100 (to be paid via Paypal, here’s a link to the OFFICIAL RULES). (There’s money involved, you gotta be straightforward with that.) 

*Should no one claim the prize in June, the bounty will be raised to $200 on July 1st. Should no one guess in July, it will be raised to $300 on August 1st, etc. (This will continue through December, when, if no one has correctly guessed the password and claimed the prize, the password and riddle will be fully revealed, and the money will be donated to a charity of the community’s choice.To submit your choice, visit here. )

As mentioned, the clues to the password have already been given: 1, 2, 3. The fourth clue will be posted ~August, 2016. 

Since the State of the W address is a time for generosity, here are some more clues:


posT scriPt


PrimarY SuppositionS

passivE-Aggressive sarCasm

Spelling matters, spacing matters, Capitalization matters. Everything matters.

To begin the game, click HERE then press (control a)


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