A warm cup of dark tea now occupied Charlie’s hands, which he was very grateful for because he found these types of conversations dreadfully hard to focus on without something to occupy his hands. “There, that better? Do you need cream or sugar? Good, you looked distracted, and Charlie, I assure you, this is important. […]

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Laria’s hand was cool compared to the viscera that coated Stutgard’s face, his arms, his back. It was the gelid touch of the grave, but when he looked into her eyes, he saw life, and life abundant. “My love?” She whispered, pulling at his head, trying to bring his lips to hers. But his neck […]

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To The Spoils

It was the smell of well oiled leather that drew me beneath the desk. Take off my rubber gloves, gently wheel back the plush chair, bend down on one knee, reach into the shadowed interior. My hand returns with a warn briefcase, a hand crafted time capsule that wears its skin better than a cow […]

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A Tail Through Three Cities

Like you, my father always told me to listen to my mother, but she only ever had one piece of advice for me. “John,” she would say, “everyone has one Question in life. One special Question that they’re supposed to Answer. Don’t worry about what you’re going to do for work, where you’re going to […]

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