Long Weekend, and An Update on Regular Programing

This year at TI5, one of the star players on the winning team was a 16 year old kid named Syed Sumail Hassan (/Suma1L). Although Suma1L has no special skills distinguishing him from any other 16 year old, this past weekend he won 1/5th of a six million dollar pay out. I keep feeling like I have to specify “American Dollars”, because otherwise that looks so absurd, like I can imagine myself reading that out of context and saying, “wait, like six million Zimbabwean dollars, right?” How are we living in a world where a teenager is able to out-earn the vast majority of the American working population, playing a video game.

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DF: It’s Friday, Friday

Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight. Skip straight to Nessie if you wanna skip the messie, more personal side. It’s bad guys. For the past four days, I’ve done a lot of high level thinking, a lot of planning and organizing, but very little actual work got accomplished. Even on the blog post side, the […]

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DF: Hidden Side

Reading back my first few posts, I just want to go on the record for one thing: I have no idea what I’m doing. My goal for the next ~12 months, is to exchange a boring real job for an awesome kiddie job, where I can play/talk about video games all day. I’m not sure […]

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DT 2: Weirdly Personal

Not too personal, mind you, just weirdly personal. Like I don’t tell you about all of my abandonment issues, but I fill you in on my bizarre fascination with something called “milk frumping,” and we spend an unusual amount of time playing with each others toes.

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